By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.

Please carefully read and understand these terms before commissioning me. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me.


COMUNICATION: Clearly communicate your commission requirements and provide any reference sheets if available. I will provide you with the price after you have explained the details of the drawing. Please note that I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

PRICING AND SKETCH: If you agree with the price, I will begin with the sketch. Once I show you the sketch, you can request minor changes. However, significant changes cannot be requested once the sketch is approved. I will proceed with the commission upon receiving full payment. The final drawing will be delivered to you via Google Drive, Discord, or Gmail. Please be aware that there is a possibility that the drawing may no longer be available if sent via Google Drive.


PAYMENT METHOD: Payment will be processed through PayPal, and the prices mentioned do not include any PayPal fees. I will provide you with a link to facilitate the money transfer. In the case that you reside in Peru, payment can be made via Yape. Please ensure that payment for the sketch is made before I proceed with the drawing.

CHANGES: After the drawing is completed, you can request minor changes.


ARTIST'S RIGHTS: Unless otherwise agreed upon, I, the artist, retain all rights to the commissioned sketch and drawing. Therefore, I have the right to:

  1. Post the sketch and drawing on any platform
  2. Use them for commercial purposes and self-promotion
  3. Utilize them in any manner I deem fit

USER'S RIGHTS: You, as the client, are allowed to:

  1. Use the drawing for personal purposes
  2. Use the drawing as a profile picture or banner on your personal social media accounts
  3. Print the drawing
  4. Post it on social media giving credit to the artist (me)

RESTRICTIONS: You are NOT allowed to:

  1. Use the drawing for commercial purposes without my consent
  2. Use the drawing as a profile picture or banner on a company's social media account without my consent
  3. Remove the signature or alter the image
  4. Sell the art, whether as a print or any form of merchandise
  5. Claim credit for the artwork


ARTIST'S COMMERCIAL RIGHTS: By default, I, the artist, retain the commercial rights to the drawing, unless a prior agreement has been made. In the event that you or the company wish to obtain commercial rights, monetary compensation must be provided to me. This compensation will cover rights related to commercial use, reproduction, distribution, public exhibition, adaptation, and any other rights associated with the drawing.

However, it's important to note that I also reserve the right to use the commissioned artwork for personal purposes and self-promotion. This may include showcasing the artwork in my portfolio, social media accounts, or other promotional materials, demonstrating the quality of my work to potential clients or employers.

AGREEMENT DOCUMENTATION: The agreement for granting commercial rights can be reached verbally (through social network chats, email, in-person, etc.) or through a written document (computer files). If you, as an individual or a company, require a document for granting commercial rights with legal validity, you should guide me in preparing such a document.


Either party may cancel the commission at any time, except when I, the artist, have already finished the drawing. Please note that if you choose to cancel the commission, no refunds will be provided.